Rules & Regulations | Terms & Conditions


1)  Gladiators Must complete all obstacles in the given sequence.
2)  Gladiators are NOT allowed to wear spiked shoes or slippers in the arena. 
3)  Gladiators are NOT allowed to participate barefoot in the arena.
4)  Each Gladiator will get ONE(1) chance to retry each obstacle upon failure. 
5)  A time penalty will be imposed on the Gladiator upon failure to complete the obstacle.
6)  For the Relay Category, the second Gladiator will be positioned at a designated zone.
7)  The umpire/timer reserves the indisputable right and final decision on participants final scores (in minutes & seconds).
8)  All time penalties will be acknowledged and signed by the Gladiator at the end of the arena.
9)  Gladiators will be pulled from the arena upon failure to complete within the time limit of 10 minutes.
10)  Gladiators are responsible in verifying their results (recorded in minutes & seconds) and time penalty incurred (if applicable) at the finish line.
11)  The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the race at their discretion.
12)  The Organiser reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations without prior notice.
13)  Gladiators caught in breach of the rules and regulations of the event WILL be disqualified.
14) Time penalty card will be given to Gladiators at the registration counter. Gladiators are responsible for the safe keeping of the card until the start of the race.
15) Gladiators will be disqualified if Penalty Card is lost. 


  1. All participants must print & sign the waiver form and submit it at the registration counter along with Student ID and Identification Card/Passport during race day.

  2. The Ryse Gladiator 2018 (“the Event”) is organised by M N Ryse Sdn. Bhd. (“the Organiser”).

  3. By signing up for and providing any information, personal or otherwise, in order to gain access to any product(s) and/or

    service(s) and/or participate in any programme(s), event(s), talk(s), demonstration(s) or any other activities involving the Organiser and the Event sponsors (“the Sponsors”), the individual (“the Participant”) is deemed to have given explicit permission for the Organiser and the Sponsors to collect, analyse, collate, share, disclose to third parties, sell and/or otherwise use without any liability to the individual, any personal information relating to that individual as may in its sole discretion deem fit, including without any limitation for its programmes, planning, data-processing and statistical or risk- analysis, research, fund-raising and/or any other purposes in furtherance of the functions. The Organiser and the Sponsors declare by virtue of being the Event owner or sponsor, they can use services of third parties;

    a. For development or implementation of programmes, products or services as it may deem necessary;
    b. For outsourcing of any programme(s), event(s), talk(s), demonstration(s) and/or any activities;
    c. For promotional, marketing and/or administrative purposes;
    d. For all purposes as required by law, including without limitation court proceedings, criminal investigations or

    prosecutions or where so ordered by any competent authority;
    e. In connection with any proposed novation, assignment, transfer, sale, lease, license, partnership, joint-

    organising and/or any collaboration where and when required in relation thereto.

  4. By signing up for the Event, the Participant agrees that the Organiser might post the full race results on the website after

    1. the race. The Organiser reserves the right to modify or substitute any of these Rules and Regulations of the Event from

    2. time to time as they deem fit. If there is ambiguity in any of the provisions, the Organiser shall be the authority to interpret

    3. and in doing so, the Organiser will take into account the interests of all the affected Participants. Any updates on the Rules

    4. and Regulations of the Event will be notified on the official Event’s website, and it is the

    5. responsibility of the affected Participant to keep abreast with any changes.

  5. Completion of the official entry form, including online registration, confirms the Participant’s agreement to abide by all the

          a. Relevant Rules and Regulations of the Organizer.
      6. Registration for the race is only confirmed upon payment made and upon issuance         of a receipt.

    Cancellation Policy

    1)  If you cancel, no refund will be given. Entry Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
    2)  You will still receive you RYSE Gladiators 2018 starter pack.

    RYSE Gladiators
    1)  All gladiators must be an existing university student or Alumni from Participating Venue host.
    2)  Guest invited by Participating venue host must show proof upon registration.

    3)  All gladiators are aware that the RYSE GLADIATORS 2018 is a demanding course; which includes Cliff Hangers, Monkey, Bars, Tire Flips, Infinity Wall etc. Gladiators should have a minimum level of good fitness if taking part as individual, all competitors in relay category should have average to good fitness and know what is involved in their stage/stages. All competitors should hydrate, rest and eat well day before and on morning of Race.

    4)  All gladiators are aware that RYSE GLADIATORS 2018 can be hazardous and have risks involved that could result in injury or death. By agreeing in terms and condition you waive all rights for claims or damages against RYSE GLADIATORS 2018 organizers or any of its safety teams contracted for RYSE GLADIATORS 2018. Organizers and its team will do all it can to supervise the course where your safety is a concern.
    5)  All gladiators are advised to purchase their own insurance when competing in RYSE GLADIATORS 2018.

    6)  All gladiators must bring the mandatory documents listed (waiver from by RYSE Gladiators 2018, waiver form prepared by Venue sponsor(if applicable), Student ID, Identification Card/Passport) for this event.

    7)  RYSE GLADIATORS 2018 organizers and their team will be taking photos and videos during race, all competitors are aware and agree that these images may be used on website, newspapers and promotion of future events.

    8)  All gladiators are responsible for collecting their starter pack while signing up at RYSE Gladiators 2018 registration counter during race day.

    9)  RYSE GLADIATORS 2018 course may be closed if extreme weather conditions occur.
    10) The Organiser reserves the right to amend the terms & condition without prior notice.

    11)  All participants are advised to wear fit gloves and long tights during the race.