RYSE® is primarily a sports compression apparel company that focuses on high durability compression gear with innovative design and functionality. RYSE® began its journey in 2016, our founders realized that many of the sports performance apparel available today are not able to represent their identity and empower them as an athlete.

“We have chosen the unique path that we believe will change our lives. Sometimes, taking the path less travelled means risking everything we have at the current moment for our dream.” - Raymond, Co-Founder.

RYSE® (pronounce as “RISE”) first created under the name “Lift & Conquer” is envisioned to be a sports apparel brand that empowers individuals.

We believes that it is time for Malaysia to have a very own sportswear brand. Starting a brand from scratch is nothing close to easy, but they believes it’s a small price to pay for a chance to live up to their dreams. RYSE® believes that nothing can stop us as long as we follow our dreams, work hard and stay focused. RYSE® sets high requirements working towards building innovative sports apparel that empowers individuals.


This is due to 3 reasons:

  1. Unsuitable workout attire may increase the odds of getting injured
  2. Without proper workout attire, our sweat will cause the clothes to feel heavy and uncomfortable
  3. Good performance wear is hard to find and usually very expensive.





    Whether if it is in store or online, our team here at RYSE® work tirelessly to provide our customers exactly what they need. The result of that is that our products will always meet our customer’s satisfaction and beyond. 

    In this era, we are faced with many obstacles that challenge us in life both physically and mentally. Therefore it is crucial that we are able to come out of such hardships stronger than before. Without a doubt, there will be sweat, tears and blood, but ultimately, our team here at RYSE® want you to be the best that you can be. RYSE® aim to enhance wearer’s workout/training performance and experience, at the same time look amazing while doing so.

    We are able to achieve that by incorporating innovation in designing RYSE®’s products. It ensures that we are optimizing the technology alongside the experience that we have, you will have a great experience with RYSE®.

    There will come a point in life where you are searching for yourself and your passion. We live in a world where everyone is constantly competing against one another, however, most of the time we’ve forgotten about ourselves. RYSE®’s philosophy is to encourage everyone to start looking deep into oneself and search for your best potential and not limiting to just compete against others.

    “Above all” has a lot more sub-context than just be above others. In essence, the phrase speaks directly into our soul and ignite our fire from within, to be able to conquer your fear and overcome everything we endeavour ourselves to do. Fitness begins with a single step forward.